Saturday, March 12, 2016

Activity of January2016

Visit by Save the Children in Adalat ganj Slum

Community level PVCA in 2 Slum (Ashiyana and Ramjichak):-

Community level PVCA was held in Ashiyana, dated- 06.01.2016 and Ramjichak, dated-07.01.2016 slum with the help of slum community. During PVCA, the Urban DRR team has facilitated community in formation of different types of maps like social mapping, resource mapping and economic mapping. The team has also collected data in prescribed format.
Community mobilizers have done transit walk in slum before PVCA. They have also mobilized community to participate PVCA (Participatory Vulnerability Capacity Assessment).   

School Hazard Hunt in two schools:-

School risk/vulnerability assessment and analysis was held in Rajkiya Balak Madhya Vidyalay Yarpur (09.01.2016), Middle School Gosain Tola (07.01.2016) and Rajkiyakrit Madhya Vidyalaya, Khajpura (11.01.2016) with the help of students and teachers. Community mobilizers have collected school level data like total number of enrollment, basic facilities, schemes and infrastructure etc.  

Formation of School Task Force:-

Disaster response School Task Force in 5 schools of project area was formed. Five different types of task force was created along with 10 student in each school, namely-

Formation of Slum Task Force:-

Disaster response slum task force in 5 targeted slums of Patna was formed. Five different types of task force were created with 10 members along with 4 children in each slum.

strengthening of CG & MG:-
Mother's and Children’s groups meeting were held twice in a month in all ten targeted slum.

Strengthening of CRPC:-

Meeting of Child Resilient and Protection Committee was held in the month of January 2016. Community mobilizers were facilitated of these meetings. We also discussed on child rights and distribute IEC on child rights and DRR issues.

Workshops and training:-

  • One day orientation workshop of Urban DRR team was held on 04th January 2016:
One day orientation workshop of urban DRR team was held on 4th January 2016. The objective of this workshop was aware of DRR team about Koshish policy and code of conduct. In this workshop, accounting process, leave process, women and children related policy, security policy, HR policy and other related issues have discussed.

Due to work emergency, we are organized this meeting will two month later from selection of urban DRR team. (See report: Annexture I)


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