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Activity of December 2015

We are Formed CG, MG and CRPC Group in slums area and Strengthening the groups.

Formation of CG, MG and CRPC:
All groups were formed in 10 targeted slums till 4th Dec. 2015. At the time of formation, first a meeting of children was organized who live in those slums and day to day risk in their surroundings was discussed. Mostly children were actively participating in the discussion. During discussion we proposed a formation of Children’s Group in their slums.

Participation in PVCA training: All community mobilizes along with project coordinator and research associate was participate in PVCA training organized by Save the Children held on 7th to 9th December 2015. In this training, all participants have been trained on process of PVCA and data collection. We have been also aware on child protection policy of Save the Children.

Strengthening of CG: A strengthening meeting with all formed Children Group on objective of CG and their role was held in Dec. 2015. During meeting we also discussed with children on vulnerability and possibility of Disaster in slum. Children shared day to day risk faced by them. Children are also shared how they feel the fear because in night in very dark because lack of proper lighting in their slum.

Strengthening of CRPC: A strengthening meeting of all formed CRPC was held in December 2015. We are discussed with members of CRPC on child vulnerability in slum and objectives of the formation of CRPC. All members of CRPC were very interested in our initiatives. They said children are very vulnerable during any types of hazards incidence, so this is a very fruitful. They also said, we all cooperated in your activities. We also discussed on child rights and distribute IEC on child rights and DRR issues.

Community level PVCA:  We have been done PVCA in 8 targeted slums out of 10 in December 2015. During PVCA we have been prepare social mapping, economical mapping, resource mapping, political mapping, seasonal calendar, disaster history with the supporting of slum community. We also collect slum based data from local service providers and stake holders like AWW, teachers, local community leaders, ward counselor etc.


School risk/vulnerability assessment: We have been done school risk/vulnerability assessment in 8 slums. School maps were drawn by the team of student and mark the risk of children on the school map. We also collect school related data from headmaster or school authority during School Hazard Hunt. C:\Users\user\Desktop\Save the Children\Photo\School Hazard Hunt\Nala Road\DSC02296.JPG

Orientation workshop of Anganwadi Worker:
One day orientation workshop of AWW at Anganwadi Centre held on 22nd Dec. 2015. During orientation we discussed on day to day risk and vulnerability in slum and issues of malnourishment among women and children. We also discussed on children rights. IEC materials on child rights and DRR have been provided them.

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